The Safe-T Vision

At Safe-T, we have one goal; to keep your organization safe from attacks and data leakage by securing your access. Enabling secure application and file access is our company’s passion and purpose, driving everything we do as an organization.Comprised of industry leaders from B2B security firms and government agencies as well as elite military units, we understand and appreciate the complex challenges of protecting data in the Digital Transformation.

Today, securing sensitive data is more difficult—and more important—than ever before. Modern scanning and hacking tools mean that attackers have their sights set on every organization, regardless of size or vertical.This makes you a target. We’re here to help you take control your access for applications and files, two of the most common corporate entry points for malware and other threats. There’s a lot of talk about Zero Trust in the security world today.

Far from just jumping on the ZT bandwagon, ensuring completely secure access to files and applications is a key element of establishing a robust and resilient security strategy. But that secure access needs to be user-friendly, to help employees get to the resources they need quickly, without hassle.

Our unique approach gives IT teams and security leaders the locked-down access they need while streamlining procedures for employees to make it simple and frustration-free. Providing our users with these two seemingly opposing feature sets is a tall order, but it’s exactly what we do here, every day, for every customer. This is why we’re proud to call ourselves the Masters of Access.

Dafna Lipowicz

VP of Human Resources

In her role, Dafna leads all HR activities at Safe-T, including: partnering with management team to advance and support the company vision and strategy, developing strategic HR plans and policies (training, compensation and benefits, etc.), organizational and managers development, recruitment and welfare. Dafna brings to Safe-T more than 17 years of experience in various HR managerial roles, in global and complex organizations as well as in growing start-ups (such as SanDisk, Logic Industries and Mantis Vision), specializing in establishing and leading HR departments, initiating and building organizational development, according to company strategy, management consultant, talent management and recruitment. Dafna holds both an LLB and an MA in Labor Studies from Tel Aviv University. She is also a certified mediator and group facilitator.

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