SINGAPORE – July 9, 2017

Article originally published by Ynet in Hebrew. Click here to access that article.

No More Ransomware

Another company showcasing its products in the Interpol World 2017 exhibition held last week in Singapore was Safe-T Data, which launched a solution against ransomware software. The solution could have helped organizations defend against the recent ransomware attack in Europe. 

Eitan Bremler, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at Safe-T Data says, “We would have been able to help halt this ransomware attack because we have control and management over an organization’s data in its entirety. Our solution can block a ransomware attack from the start. It identifies a hostile threat attempting to infiltrate an organization and prevents the virus from spreading. An organization’s critical data would remain unaffected.”

About The Company

“Our company was established about 4.5 years ago and it was founded by Amir Mizhar its principal entrepreneur. Our CEO Shachar Daniel joined us and we are now partners in the company. We have about 45 employees working in development and sales in Herzeliya and we have more employees in the US and five European countries: Italy, Spain, Turkey, Britain and Germany.”

“We have prestigious customers in Israel, such as Harel insurance, Israel E-Government and many more. Safe-T is listed and trades on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE).”

What We Are Doing 

“We are a software company and our solution is called HDS – High Risk Data Security. HDS is designed to secure sensitive organizational information from two directions, access to sensitive organizational information and classifying those accessing it.”

“Our solution is unique because that we know how to” hide “the data from a person who is not fully identified. We provide secure data exchange and sharing including exchanging information from the customer’s side. We verify that only authorized information can enter an organization and only “clean” information is released.”

Do you have competitors?

“We have competition in the world, but no one provides a solution as comprehensive as ours. We were recognized in 2015 by the Gartner analyst firm for being the only company that controls all the means of data exchange. That recognition gave us excellent leads and an opportunity to meet potential customers and partners.” Eitan concludes saying, “The East market is important to us and this exhibition provides us a very important platform to interact with the Asian markets and in particular with Singapore.”