SOX Compliance

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

Financial Institutions are burdened by a regulatory regime that requires strict compliance on several fronts.

Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) mandates that management and financial officers certify the accuracy of financial statements that are submitted to regulatory agencies and to the public. It also establishes a set of protocols for ensuring sound internal controls and conducting external audits.


  • Safe-T’s solution is designed to meet and exceed SOX guidelines, helping to ensure SOX compliance when establishing internal controls and handling/submitting financial documents.Safe-T is fully aligned with the provisions of the SOX Standard and is engineered to convincingly pass any thorough audit of compliance.The centerpiece of Safe-T’s SOX compliance offering is its security policy enforcement engine: A rules-based enterprise logic engine designed to enforce secure workflow policies for a variety of programs and data exchange flows.Compliance and Financial officers can use Safe-T to ensure that all outbound financial data exchange is compliant with SOX regulations. The platform can also designate appropriate users to ensure that the proper officials have authorized a financial document before it is sent. The platform ensures that proper internal records and external controls are maintained in accordance with SOX mandates.Modern enterprises use a variety of legacy software solutions, each with their own point security protocols. A diverse information infrastructure can quickly become difficult to manage and lead to regulatory/compliance confusion
  • Safe-T is a key component for any sound compliance strategy and is the ideal solution to bring the disparate software architectures under a single protocol. Information Security and Compliance officers are able to set internal controls and workflow standards through Safe-T’s rules engine. This ensures that the data and documents, that move internally and externally, comply with all regulatory standards
  • Despite the enormous challenge of maintaining thorough financial data on one hand, and the punitive measures of the SEC on the other, Senior Management along with information and financial officers can rest assured that Safe-T offers unyielding protection while ensuring strict compliance with SOX standards.