Safe-T Secure Managed File Transfer

Based on the Safe-T Box Secure Data Exchange Broker platform, Safe-T Secure Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution allows enterprises to securely transfer sensitive data into the organization as well as deploy highly automated and secure file upload solutions.

Integrating seamlessly with business applications, legacy systems and proprietary tools, Safe-T adds security layers to standard file share and file upload solutions including authentication, data scanning and data encryption.


Safe-T Secure Managed File Transfer Benefits

  • Reduce costs of sensitive data distribution and enhance staff productivity and efficiency
  • Secure, control, and monitor shared data in motion and in rest
  • Easily add security layers to existing file transfer and file upload processes, leveraging existing infrastructure
  • Ensure compliance with a variety of regulations including HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FISMA, GLBA
  • Secure File Upload solutions scans any file incoming from web portals, mobile devices, emails

What Our Clients Say

“Safe-T Data Protection Suite is a highly secured and flexible file exchange solution. Using the Safe-T integration platform we were able to quickly and easily implement processes that interwork with our other business and security.”
Ofer Chen, CIO, Shomera

Unmatched A2A Secure Managed File Transfer

Including 120 Safe-T Connectors to enterprise applications such as SharePoint, Oracle, IBM, S/FTP, SQL, and HTTP/S based applications, Secure MFT eliminates the need for the IT staff to perform systems integration typically required by other Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions. Secure MFT can pull or push data from/to any application or storage location, without requiring modifications to the applications’ code.

End-to-End Security

Using Safe-T Box’s secure front-end technology, Secure MFT is the only solution in the market that enables organizations to eliminate the need for storing sensitive data the DMZ and thereby opening incoming ports within the firewall.

Using Safe-T’s unique secure reverse-access technology, organizations can deploy unique incoming file scrubbing zones as part of secure file upload scenarios, ensuring uploaded files are scanned prior to reaching the internal network.

Safe-T’s end-to-end approach to file security, is achieved by using secured protocols (such as HTTPS, FTPS, SFTP) to protect files in transit. In addition, powerful 256-bit file-level encryption encrypts each file and prohibits access, opening, or usage of files by un-authorized users.

Automated Security Policy Enforcement

By integrating with the organization’s security solutions, Safe-T Box automatically enforces security policies on shared data. Outgoing data is authenticated, scanned with the organization’s Data Leak Prevention (DLP) solution and encrypted to ensure only approved data is shared securely. Incoming data is decrypted, authenticated, and then scanned for viruses and malware using the organization’s scanning engines, before it is shared in the organization. Safe-T’s security policies enforcement engine allows enterprises to add security layers to MFT processes easily and quickly.

Fully Managed

Safe-T Secure MFT, enables organizations to easily maintain comprehensive records of their file transfer and download activities, documenting key tracking data for each transferred file.
Users can choose to set an expiration date and availability for transferred files, after which the files will not be available for download.
In addition business users can create a VPN like tunnel between themselves and remote users in order to exchange data back and forth for a pre-defined period of time.

Intuitive End-User UI

Contrary to standard FTP solutions which require users to open a special FTP client in order to securely transfer large files, with Secure MFT users can simply open one of their existing interfaces:

  • As part of Safe-T’s simple and user-friendly Outlook plug-in
  • Web user interface
  • SmarTransfer desktop client offering a one of a kind natural look and feel
  • Safe-T mobile application for iOS and Android

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