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Controlled, Secure & Agile Access to Files and Email


access to files.

Employee collaboration.

Mobile access to files.

SFTP replacement.

NTFS Access
NTFS access over HTTP.

Secure Email.

Your data is the lifeblood of your organization. Unfortunately, it’s continuously at risk of getting stolen or compromised. By nature, your organization has countless methods of accessing files, and they are stored in numerous locations (on-premises or in the cloud). This huge proliferation of file access methods and data storage solutions include cloud storage solutions, S/FTP servers, network file storages, data vaults, document management applications, etc.

In addition, to provide your remote employees, customers and business partners access to files and data, you use various solutions such as email, file distribution applications, EFSS solutions and MFT solutions.

So, how do you ensure that all your sensitive files and data is controlled, managed and secured?


  • Comply with policies and regulations (GDPR, HIPAA, etc).
  • Reduce operational and capital costs through consolidation.
  • Hide files from unauthorized users.
  • Prevent file exfiltration, leakage, malware and ransomware.
  • Client-less file access.
  • Control usage of files.
  • Consolidate all human and application file access scenarios in one platform.
  • End-to-end monitoring of file access flow.

Safe-T’s Secure File and Email Access

Safe-T® Software Defined Access has been designed from the ground up to protect an organizations’ files from internal or external unauthorized access. This prevents attackers from leaking, stealing, misusing, encrypting or compromising your files.

It enables organizations to control access and secure the exchange of any type and size of file between people, applications, cloud solutions and businesses. It is designed to rapidly add security and control across a wide variety of workflows for enterprises of all types including to and from the cloud.

Built on Safe-T’s Software Defined Perimeter technology and Integrated Data Security Platform, and Safe-T’s unique Secure Virtual Vaults (SVV) technology, it creates the only true Secure File and Email Access solution.

Secure File and Email Access SCENARIOS

Secure Access to NTFS Folders

SmarTransfer® SIFS allows internal and external users to gain transparent access to secure storages over HTTP/S rather than SMB.

What appears as a standard mapped network drive is actually a secure, encrypted and access-controlled channel to interact with files — upload, download, copy, open, delete, etc. — while not relying on vulnerable protocols such as SMB.

All transactions are subject to Safe-T’s SecureStream policy and workflow engine, thereby ensuring secure and controlled access to any file type, content meeting governance and audit requirements.

Secure Email

Safe-T empowers organizations to securely provide any user access to sensitive files and data, via a secure email.

Secure emails can be sent from users or from applications to any user, application or device. This happens without disrupting the normal routine as recipients are not required to install software or exchange cryptographic keys.

Safe-T Secure Email is seamlessly integrated with Outlook, OWA, Gmail, or deployed in the network behind the scenes.

Business users can send secured emails with attachments of any size and type to registered or ad-hoc recipients, providing a simple, easy-to-use and fully auditable alternative to PGP.

Recipients can even reply back securely, to ensure end-to-end security for the entire email conversation.

Employee Collaboration

Safe-T can be deployed as a robust and secure collaboration solution. This enables business users to securely access, collaborate and share data with business functions, business users, and business partners across the globe. Access to data can be done without the need for a VPN.

Safe-T is comprised of multiple secure folders (Secure Virtual Vaults) which can be associated with a specific user or group of users. All users’ data uploaded or received is stored in a secure folder which can be either a local folder, network folders, applications, cloud storage, etc.

Access to the Secure Virtual Vaults and sharing of files with other users is based on user credentials and can be done via a variety of client interfaces, all providing the same unified look and feel:

  • User-friendly Outlook plug-in
  • Web user interface
  • SmarTransfer® native access
  • Mobile application for iOS and Android

SFTP Replacement

Safe-T allows organizations to replace legacy S/FTP deployments by seamlessly integrating with business applications, legacy systems and proprietary tools. Safe-T adds security layers to existing S/FTP deployments, including workflows, policy enforcement, integration to non-SFTP storages, authentication, data scanning and data encryption.

Safe-T can operate as both an S/FTP server and S/FTP client. For example, this unique capability allows for receiving files uploaded from an SFTP client and storing them secured in an NTFS folder.

Software Defined Access CAPABILITIES
for Secure File and Email Access

  • Firewall is constantly in a deny-all state, no open ports are required for access.
  • Secures file access and exchanges scenarios in one platform.
  • Controls, manages and transfers files and data from any source to any destination.
  • Deployed on-premise or in the cloud.
  • Stores all files secured and encrypted.
  • Supports human and application file access and exchange scenarios.
  • Highly scalable solution.
  • SecureStream™ policy and workflow engine.
  • Dozens of pre-built Safe-T Connectors to business applications, security solutions, data repositories and cloud services.
  • Full access control and policy enforcement on any file stored or manipulated.
  • Full auditing of all “where, what, who and when” file access and exchange.
  • Highly intuitive and simple end-user interfaces.
  • Client-less online editing of documents.
  • Remove the need for VPN access.

Keep Your Sensitive Data in