Safe-T Secure Email

Safe-T Secure Email empowers organizations to securely send sensitive data between applications and users to any application, user, or device. Emails can be sent to anyone without disrupting the normal routine by not requiring the recipient to install software or exchange keys.
Safe-T Secure Email can be seamlessly integrated with Outlook or deployed in the network behind the scenes. Safe-T Secure Email provides best in breed ad hoc email solutions, allowing sending emails to any recipient without prior knowledge of the recipient.


Safe-T Secure Email Benefits

  • Strengthen control of the organization’s shared sensitive data
  • Reduce costs of sensitive data distribution
  • Secure, control, and monitor data sent by email
  • Ensure high adoption of secure email through a simple and user friendly web, desktop and mobile interface
  • Simplify end-user credential management and reduce operational complexity and cost
  • Send emails to registered or ad hoc email users
  • Unique PGP replacement solution

What Our Clients Say

” We send huge attachments in an easy and controlled way.
Safe-T is totally transparent to our users, and it’s taken a lot of pressure off our IT staff. With Safe-T we’ve reduced our capital and operating expenditures.”
Johan Karlsson, IT Support Service Manager, Temenos

How it works

  1. Once the encrypted email and its attachments are sent, they are stored by the Safe-T Box server of the sending organization within an encrypted storage space.
  2. The recipient receives an email with a link which is clicked on to retrieve the stored email at the sender’s organization.
  3. Using either a one-time password or oAuth2 (Live ID, SAML) username and password, the recipient is authenticated and can then access the encrypted email and download attachments via the organization’s portal.

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Intuitive Outlook Plug-in

Enterprise users can conveniently send files of any size directly from Outlook using Safe-T’s Outlook plug-in, using their existing email routine. The plug-in is packed with a generous array of file transfer options, tracking capabilities, and management controls according to the permissions assigned by enterprise IT.

Centralized deployment integrated with enterprise applications

Safe-T Secure Email’s LNK Connector module, allows enterprises to monitor and handle incoming and outgoing email messages. LNK connector is a SMTP gateway deployed as the next hop email server “before” or “after” the organization’s existing mail server. Once LNK connector “catches” an email message, it scans the message attributes including the message subject, body, header, attachment type and size; then, based on pre-defined rules, LNK connector performs the required action for example, encrypt, drop, forward, etc.

Automated Security Policy Enforcement

By integrating with the organization’s security solutions, Safe-T Secure Email automatically enforces security policies on outgoing and incoming emails. Outgoing emails are authenticated, scanned with the organization’s Data Leak Prevention (DLP) solution and encrypted to ensure only approved data is shared securely.
Incoming emails are decrypted, authenticated, and then scanned for viruses and malware using the organization’s scanning engines Safe-T’s security policies enforcement engine allows enterprises to add security layers to email communications easily and quickly.

Send Secure Emails on the Road

Safe-T Secure Email, can also be used on the road, by sending secure emails from the Safe-T Box native mobile applications for Android and iOS, or using the fully customizable web portal. Safe-T Secure Email for mobile allows sharing files and folders, while employing the highest levels of security.

Social Networks-based User Authentication

Safe-T Secure Email is the only solution in the market which enables authenticating either registered email users or ad hoc email users using the user’s existing personal social network credentials.Safe-T Secure Email supports all common social networks, such as Facebook, Google, Live ID, etc. In addition to being more convenient for the user, using this method of authentication, also greatly reduces the operational complexity of organizations, as there is no longer a need to store and manage large numbers of user credentials.

Unique PGP Replacement Solution

PGP enables organizations to encrypt email messages and to share sensitive information securely while achieving regulatory compliance. However, PGP implementations raise significant challenges to organizations, especially ones with complicated maintenance, limited functionality, limits on file sizes, no support for ad hoc email, and high total costs of ownership.

Safe-T Secure Email, offers a unique PGP replacement solution, offering all the security of PGP while not compromising on simplicity and ease of use.