Safe-T Secure Data Exchange Network

Safe-T Secure Data Exchange Network enables organizations to create a secure ‘internal’ network where they can easily and securely transfer files of any type or size to and from their company headquarters, remote branches, business partners and customers. The solution’s low TCO (total cost of ownership) and intuitive user interface enables both small and large organizations to exchange data securely and efficiently.


Safe-T Secure Data Exchange Network Benefits

  • Strengthen control of the organization’s exchanged sensitive data
  • Reduce costs of sensitive data distribution and enhance staff productivity and efficiency
  • Secure, control, and monitor transferred data in motion and at rest
  • Ensure high adoption of secure data exchange solutions
  • Achieve compliance regulations more quickly with lower costs

Simple to Use

Once deployed, business users have instant access to all authorized folders and files, enabling them to exchange files using an interface similar to familiar desktop file system interfaces. Based on their authorizations, users can also add additional neighboring entities and folders for further collaboration.

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End-to-End Security

File sharing is done using standard secured protocols utilizing the existing network infrastructure. Safe-T Secure Data Exchange Network is based on Safe-T Box , which utilizes powerful 256-bit file-level encryption, which encrypts each file uploaded into a shared folder and transmitted between locations, ensuring sensitive data cannot be intercepted while being shared.
In addition, Safe-T Box authenticates each recipient before granting access to shared folders and files, ensuring that only the intended end user is able to view or download the sensitive data. Authentication is done using the user’s personal social network credentials, supporting all common social networks, such as Facebook, Google, Live ID, etc.

Cross Network Data Flow Management

Safe-T Box, allows organizations to easily maintain comprehensive records of file transfer and sharing activities. The solution documents key “where, what, who, and when” tracking data for each transferred file. Comprehensive download tracking information is also available, with exportable logs that record the date, time, and IP address of each instance of file access, upload and download.

Automated Data Retrieval and Security Policy Enforcement

Safe-T’s Secure Data Exchange Network utilizes the built-in automation policy enforcement engine to fully automate data transfers within the network. Files placed within a folder in one location can be automatically transferred to a remote location. In addition, all data shared within the network is scanned using the organization’s DLP and anti-virus engines.

Integration with Enterprise Applications and Storage Systems

Safe-T Box also enables data to be transferred between business applications. Utilizing any of the 120 Safe-T Connectors, applications can easily check-in and check-out sensitive data to / from folders across the network, without changing the applications mode of operations and without changing the applications’ code.
Safe-T Box support dozens of connectors to enterprise applications, storage, and security tools such as Microsoft SharePoint, Oracle, IBM, HTTP/S based applications, S/FTP, SQL, NFS, DLP, A/V, and many more.