Safe-T Zone Zero:
Why Rip and Replace your
VPN if you Don't Have to?

Safe-T Zone Zero:
Why Rip and Replace
your VPN if you
Don't Have to?

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Your Challenge – Keeping your organization secure is your responsibility. And as your environment evolves with forces like the move to the cloud, BYOD and remote working, the security tools and architectures used to secure them must evolve too. Zero Trust must become the new standard.  In plain English, this means that no one and nothing is trusted by default, even if they originate inside the network perimeter. This is something VPNs alone cannot deliver on, as they are not at all equipped to grant access on a granular, case-by-case level.

But many organizations are rightfully reluctant to dismantle their existing VPN. Undoing years of work is a costly, time consuming and disruptive move, especially when you consider that while VPNs and SDP have some overlapping functionality, they are not really designed to provide the same services. Moreover, you might find yourself in a risk-averse environment where ripping and replacing what you’ve already got isn’t an option. Many organizations simply want a safer, less aggressive way to incorporate SDP into their already existing architecture that also retains the benefits of their VPN.


​With Safe-T ZoneZero, you can adopt a Zero Trust Network Access architecture without getting rid of your VPN. ZoneZero enhances VPN security by adding SDP capabilities, allowing access to applications and services only after trust has been verified. Deploying Safe-T’s Secure Application Access on top of the existing VPN offers a customized and scalable zero trust solution—with all the benefits of SDP while lowering the risks involved in adopting the new technology.

SDP with VPN architecture


  • No need to rip and replace your VPN
  • Saves IT teams the headache and hassle that come along with changing existing VPN architectures
  • No behavior changes to your users—continue using your VPN client
  • No need to remove/change existing network and security components
  • Authenticates users before granting access, with almost zero network change
  • Dynamic, on-demand application access according to user role/permission
  • Takes your users off the network and close firewall ports for enhanced security

Dafna Lipowicz

VP of Human Resources

In her role, Dafna leads all HR activities at Safe-T, including: partnering with management team to advance and support the company vision and strategy, developing strategic HR plans and policies (training, compensation and benefits, etc.), organizational and managers development, recruitment and welfare. Dafna brings to Safe-T more than 17 years of experience in various HR managerial roles, in global and complex organizations as well as in growing start-ups (such as SanDisk, Logic Industries and Mantis Vision), specializing in establishing and leading HR departments, initiating and building organizational development, according to company strategy, management consultant, talent management and recruitment. Dafna holds both an LLB and an MA in Labor Studies from Tel Aviv University. She is also a certified mediator and group facilitator.

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