Safe-T Secure Applications Access:
Cloud Service

Safe-T Secure Application Acess:
Cloud Service

Safe-T Secure Application
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Your Challenge –  Upholding the security of your organization and your users is paramount. But as organizations continue to adopt cloud services for different workloads, maintaining security becomes an arduous task. In today’s perimeter-less environment, organizational data is constantly at risk of being leaked or stolen—by outsiders and insiders.

Zero Trust Network Access must become the new standard in cloud based environments. But Zero Trust is not a tool—it’s a philosophy that states that no one—neither outsiders nor insiders—should be trusted (ie, granted access) before being authenticated. And SDP technologies are the answer to building that fortified architecture.


Safe-T Secure Application Access cloud service takes the currently available SDP services to the next level by tailoring them to enterprises and the regulated organizations sector. It offers true secure and transparent access for all types of entities (people, applications, and connected devices) to any internal application, service and data. Safe-T Secure Application Access cloud service implements Safe-T’s patented reverse-access (outbound) technology which eliminates the need to open incoming ports in the organization’s firewall.

The service forces users to authenticate into resources. Then they are granted access by the service. Configurable policies define the orchestrated authentication steps that each user or group member must perform.As shown in the figure below, the Safe-T SDP cloud service is composed of two main components:


  • Safe-T SDP Cloud – includes the Authentication and Access Gateways which are deployed for each tenant
  • Customer Lan tier – includes the Access Controller which connects to the cloud-based gateways, organization’s backend applications, storages and authentication services (on-premises or cloud IAM/IDP).
SDP with VPN architecture


  • Grants access only AFTER trust has been validated
  • Over 30 pops around the globe
  • Stores SSL keys and certificates on organization premise
  • Dynamic access to internal and cloud services
  • Firewall is constantly in deny-all state, no open ports required for access
  • Supports all users and all applications – HTTP/S, SMTP, SFTP, APIs, RDP, SSH, WebDAV
  • Seamless user experience
  • Robust multi factor authentication options – Okta, Ping, DUO Security, Microsoft, built-in MFA
  • Behavioral Analytics detects the presence of bots or authenticated malicious insiders

Dafna Lipowicz

VP of Human Resources

In her role, Dafna leads all HR activities at Safe-T, including: partnering with management team to advance and support the company vision and strategy, developing strategic HR plans and policies (training, compensation and benefits, etc.), organizational and managers development, recruitment and welfare. Dafna brings to Safe-T more than 17 years of experience in various HR managerial roles, in global and complex organizations as well as in growing start-ups (such as SanDisk, Logic Industries and Mantis Vision), specializing in establishing and leading HR departments, initiating and building organizational development, according to company strategy, management consultant, talent management and recruitment. Dafna holds both an LLB and an MA in Labor Studies from Tel Aviv University. She is also a certified mediator and group facilitator.

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