Controlled, Secure, and
Agile Data Exchange for Any Enterprise

Recent researches show that 25% of data is stolen or leaked from organizations via E-mail and file transfer protocols. And within this large amount of data, roughly 43% was due to internal employees (either intentionally or by accident), and 57% was due to external hackers.


One of the main reasons for such a large percentage of data getting stolen via seemingly standard methods, is the proliferation of data exchange methods and data storage solutions existing in the organization – emails, EFSS solutions, MFT solutions, S/FTP servers, network file storages, document management applications, human file upload portals, applications transferring data, consumer cloud solutions, etc.


Ask yourself this – once you have so many data exchange flows and data is stored in so many locations, how do you ensure all data is controlled, managed, and secured.


Safe-T®’s Secure Data Exchange (SDE), a component of the Safe-T High-risk Data Security solution, is the most complete secure data exchange solution, protecting both inbound and outbound data exchange.


It enables organizations to broker, control and secure data exchange of any type and size between people, applications, cloud solutions, and businesses. It is designed to rapidly add security and control across a wide variety of data exchange patterns for enterprises of all types including to and from the cloud.


Safe-T SDE is built on top of a combination of Safe-T’s Integrated Data Security Platform and Safe-T’s unique Secure Virtual Vaults (SVV) technology. The SVV technology allows converting any storage (network file storage location, FTP/SFTP site, cloud storage solution, databases, document management applications, etc) to an encrypted digital vault.

Combining the two technologies together, creates a the only true Secure Data Exchange Broker solution, which –

  • Prevents data exfiltration, leakage, malware, and fraud
  • Unifies all data exchange flows in one solution
  • Secures your data exchange with customers, partners, applications, and cloud
  • Ensures data governance with integrated policy engine
  • Controls, manages, and transfers data from any source to any destination using Safe-T’s SecureStream engine
  • Stores all data secured and encrypted
  • Easily integrates all data exchange and data storage solutions


Robust Secure Data Exchange Use Cases:

  • Human Data Exchange – control, manage, and secure all human data exchange scenarios – incoming/outgoing email, S/FTP, consumer cloud access, file uploads, mobile data exchange, employee collaboration (EFSS), digital vaults
  • Application Data Exchange – control, manage, and secure all application data exchange scenarios – business to business file transfers, application to application file transfers, financial transactions
  • Anti-Financial Fraud – deploy a highly secured and authenticated end-to-end (Customer-Finance Center-Customer) solution for digital check deposits, ATM withdrawals, Wire Transfers and Emails Requests, between people-to-people, people-to-business and business-to-business.
  • Prevent Ransomware Attacks – prevent ransomware attacks from encrypting your NTFS located files, by controlling the allowed file encryption type, verifying file integrity, preventing copying un-allowed files, preventing modifying file types and format, tracking and logging all file based actions, and ensuring any file manipulation is done solely by SDE.

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  • Secures all data exchange scenarios in one platform
  • Supports human and application data exchange scenarios
  • Highly scalable solution
  • SecureStreamTM policy and workflow engine
  • Dozens of pre-built Safe-T Connectors to business applications, security solutions, data repositories and cloud services
  • Full access control and policy enforcement on any file stored or manipulated
  • Robust data exchange deployments
  • Full auditing of all “where, what, who, and when” data exchange and access
  • Highly intuitive and simple end user interfaces
  • Client-less, online editing of documents 
  • Deployed on-premise or in the cloud


  • Prevents data exfiltration, leakage, malware, ransomware, and fraud
  • Empowers you to easily accommodate any human and application data exchange flow
  • Drives down costs through simplification, operational efficiency and consolidation of data exchange solutions
  • Secures your data exchange with customers, partners, and cloud
  • Controls the flow of data in and out of your enterprise