Safe-T’s SDA

Secure Data Access

Safe-T revolutionizes the Zero Trust Network design. By deploying Safe-T as a central technology in the core network segment, organizations gain the ability to not only keep sensitive segments separate and small, but also to ensure that only outbound communication takes place, essentially making the network invisible and inaccessible except for resources to which users have access on a per-user basis.

In addition, recent years have shown an ever-growing increase in cloud adoption by all organizations’ types. Moving application tiers to the cloud, requires rearchitecting the network and application, for example, if previously all application tiers were located on-premises, now you need to connect a cloud based application tier to application tiers located on-premises.

Such a move creates a few challenges, such as, incoming holes in the organization’s Firewall for cloud traffic, as well as the requirement for a VPN or secure connection to connect between Cloud and organization premises

Deploying Safe-T SDA (Secure Data Access) allows performing network level logical segmentation as well as connecting cloud elements to ground elements, without the need to open any ports within the perimeter firewall, close firewalls located between two network segments, while allowing secured access through the internal firewall on an outbound firewall rule.

Based on Safe-T’s patented reverse access technology, the SDA Access Controller pulls every incoming request to an outbound connection and applies policies and workflows. This design significantly reduces the attack surface since in effect all incoming ports are closed, and control is gained over the entire access lifecycle of an application, including file monitoring and permission controls. This is achieved without a single Firewall rule.

Designed for the highest-level of security for every type of organization, Safe-T’s SDA supports on-prem deployment, making it possible for regulated organizations with highly sensitive data to secure their data without the inherent risks of the cloud.

Advanced Features and Benefits

Software Defined Perimeter deployment flexibility
Reduce the risk of application and networks-based attacks
Software Defined Perimeter and VPN
Improve data center security by reducing organization’s attack surface
Software Defined Perimeter Reverse Access Technology
Mask the true location of the organization’s data center and networks
Software Defined Perimeter organization type
No need to open the enterprise firewall
Software Defined Perimeter and VPN
Simple and easy migration to the cloud
Software Defined Perimeter Reverse Access Technology
No cloud to premises VPN overhead
Software Defined Perimeter organization type
Block network access, allow application access
Software Defined Perimeter and VPN
No direct access to the enterprise from the Internet

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Dafna Lipowicz

VP of Human Resources

In her role, Dafna leads all HR activities at Safe-T, including: partnering with management team to advance and support the company vision and strategy, developing strategic HR plans and policies (training, compensation and benefits, etc.), organizational and managers development, recruitment and welfare. Dafna brings to Safe-T more than 17 years of experience in various HR managerial roles, in global and complex organizations as well as in growing start-ups (such as SanDisk, Logic Industries and Mantis Vision), specializing in establishing and leading HR departments, initiating and building organizational development, according to company strategy, management consultant, talent management and recruitment. Dafna holds both an LLB and an MA in Labor Studies from Tel Aviv University. She is also a certified mediator and group facilitator.

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