Enable retail commerce while avoiding security breaches

Retail organizations continually deal with the complexity of payment card operations which serve as powerful payment tools, yet can lead to immense damage when cardholder data is placed in the wrong hands. The success of retail commerce is totally dependent on the secure use of payment cards. But to do so, security breaches must be avoided.

In the retail industry, critical cardholder data is frequently exchanged via email and file transfer systems — a natural target for abuse. While payment cards provide the ultimate convenience and usability, they are easy targets for sophisticated hackers who employ them for use in fraudulent activities.

Unfortunately, popularly used tools do not provide sufficient security measures to avoid improper data access, thus place the valuable user’s data in harm’s way. For that, the utmost security is required to allow ongoing operations while avoiding improper data exchange.

How Safe-T solutions help retail organizations:

  • Secured file upload service:

    All retail documents, receipts, credit card information and viable data are immediately scanned and secured upon upload, maintaining that all new information is up to security requirements.

  • Secured communication between retail and customer:

    Whether by secure email, on-premises, phone or other service option, all correspondence is secured and monitored to ensure that data exchanged is protected.

  • Secured data exchange with business partners and vendors:

    Data shared with partners and vendors is secured in digital data vaults, allowing for regular business practices as well as enhanced flexibility.

  • Secured applications:

    Retail applications are implemented within the security protocols, thus ensuring day-to-day activities, by any means, are safeguarded and avoid inappropriate access.

The benefits of data security for retail organizations:

  • All customer types receive support and access per specs.
  • Decreased development and operational costs by security integration into internal systems and available applications.
  • Ongoing BYOD access to all secured documents via iOS, Android or Blackberry.
  • End-to-end governance: Ongoing monitoring of all shared data with a secured workflow engine.
  • Adhere to regulatory requirements, such as PCI DSS compliance.

Highly Secured Data Exchange and Data Access Solutions from Safe-T:

  • Retail organizations are secured by Safe-T’s secured data exchange broker platform for in-and-out data exchange.
  • Data access is secured into retail applications, protecting data and preventing criminal application access with Safe-T RSAccess secure data access solution.