Case Study Weizman Institute of...

The Weizmann Institute of Science (WIS) is a world-renowned research facility that is at the forefront of international scientific inquiry...

Case Study Temenos

Temenos Protects Banking Software with Safe-T’s Secure Mail

Case Study Shomera

Shomera secured its file transfer with Safe-T Secure Managed File Transfer solution

Case Study Psagot

Psagot secured its banking communications with Safe-T Secure Email solution

Case Study Mivtach-Simon

Mivtach Simon (MVS) secured the exchange of sensitive files and data with Safe-T's Secure Email solution

Case Study eviCore National

eviCore National uses Safe-T to inspect medical files uploaded by its customers

Case Study – Insurance

A leading insurance company in Europe with thousands of agents and customers migrated applications containing sensitive data into the external...

Case Study Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola Israel secured its file and data exchange with Safe-T's Safe-T Secure Email solution