New Customer Philippines

New Customer

The primary Public Credit Information Institution in The Philippines has chosen to utilize Safe-T Data services and products in order to protect their data and sensitive information. The number of financial institutions in the Philippines is about 26,000 and each financial institution would have about 1 to 2 users. Therefore, they are looking to support over 52,000 users with the following capabilities:

  • 2-factor authentication login to portal.
  • Enable Active Directory password change at SDE portal.
  • Have other forms of 2FA besides SMS and email.

This institution has acknowledged that this would be a nationwide project, as every financial institution in the Philippines would become a Safe-T user through this project.


They chose Safe-T because of its feature-rich SDE and end to end solution to support all requests:

  1. The users from different financial institutions will be logging in using their individual AD userID and password. All the users will be in the same AD domain.
  2. The users will be expected to open a browser and go to the Safe-T SDE login page. The users will enter their AD userID and password.
  3. Each individual user will be assigned to an individual financial institution directory in the Microsoft SFTP server.
  4. After successfully authenticated to the Safe-T SDE, the directory name will be displayed for the user to upload the file. The file will eventually be in the directory of the individual financial institution in the Microsoft SFTP server.

Safe-T was chosen because it is the only vendor able to cost-effectively support all of their requests in the lightest and leanest deployment manner.

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