Surround and Protect your high-risk Data
with Safe-T’s Cyber Dome

High-risk data is the life blood of the enterprise, it’s what runs the business, everything else in the organization is there to support it. Data is part of everyday life –

  • It is accessed from the outside world or from different trusted or untrusted network segments, by 3rd party providers, business partners, employees (local or remote).
  • It arrives into the business, via incoming emails, transferred by employees, 3rd party providers and business partners, uploaded to web portals by customers, downloaded from the cloud, mobile apps, etc.
  • It leaves the business, via outgoing emails (sent by humans or applications), transferred to 3rd party providers and business partners, uploaded to the cloud, transferred by applications, etc.

However, trusting all these data access sources, sources transferring data, and destinations receiving data, while easily securing all the services receiving the data, is complicated and cumbersome, often resulting in some services getting overlooked in terms of security.


It’s exactly these overlooked services and data exchange flows which hackers utilize in order to breach your organization. Imagine for example, a financial application which receives invoices from your partners, although you might trust your partners, are you sure the data they are passing you isn’t infected?


Safe-T is a cyber security company dedicated on preventing unauthorized access and use of high-threat services and data, inside and outside the organization perimeter. Enterprises and businesses around the world trust Safe-T®’s High-threat Data Security solution to secure their data, applications, and networks from insider and external data threats.


Safe-T’s® High-risk Data Security (HDS) solution has been developed and designed from the ground up to act as a cyber dome, protecting and mitigating all aspects of data threat.



Running on-premise and in the cloud, Safe-T HDS is built on Safe-T’s unique Integrated Data Security Platform:

Safe-T HDS comprises of two products, which can be licensed as s solution or separately to match your specific needs:


  • Ensures your or your customers’ data is not compromised
  • Consolidate all security and authentication solutions at the perimeter
  • Reduce network infrastructure, data access and data exchange solutions costs
  • Prevent DDoS attacks on organization services
  • Control the flow of data in and out of the enterprise
  • Simplify end user data related operations

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