Safe-T Offers Free Review of Organizations’ Networks and Attack Footprint in Face of Recent SolarWinds Supply Chain Attacks

Dec 28, 2020

“Recent wide-range attacks provide further confirmation of Safe-T’s business and product strategy in the past year, of executing a proactive approach to identify potential threats and develop advance products for the prevention and containment of attacks”

HERZLIYA, Israel, December 28, 2020 — Safe-T® Group Ltd. (NASDAQ, TASE: SFET), a provider of secure access solutions for on-premise and hybrid cloud environments, announced today that in the face of recent supply chain attacks, such as the Sunburst (or Solarigate) attack, it is offering free of charge review of organizations’ networks and attack footprint. Safe-T’s ZoneZero™ Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution is designed to add the core component of a strong identity and access management policy to any corporate resource and secure organizations against supply chain attacks, including the recent attacks.

Recently, it was reported that a threat-actor managed to infiltrate a large number of organizations, including several U.S. government agencies. It did this by distributing backdoor software, named SunBurst, by utilizing a weak link in SolarWind’s Orion IT monitoring and management software update system and then inserted malicious code into otherwise legitimate software updates. Once backdoor access was achieved, attackers worked to gain privilege escalation, steal credentials and then laterally traverse the internal network scanning for targeted data.

Based on SolarWind’s data, 33,000 organizations use Orion’s software, and 18,000 were directly impacted by this malicious update. As more details have become available, it has become clear that this is one of the most invasive and significant cyberattacks to date.

Safe-T’s ZoneZero™ MFA is the first ever Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution which is designed to add centralized MFA to any corporate resource including system, server, data, application, and more. For clients using the solution, when an attempt to access a server from an infected system occurs, it invokes an MFA request that until approved, prevents the infiltration of the unauthorized source.

“Recent wide-range cyber-attacks affirm Safe-T’s business and product strategy in the past year. We are executing a proactive approach to identify potential threats and develop advanced products designed to prevent and contain such attacks. Our ZoneZero™ MFA solution, which was launched earlier this year, is a great example of our alignment against  new types  of cyber threats,” said Shachar Daniel, CEO at Safe-T.

“Our centralized approach assumes the attacker is already in the network and prevents the spread of the attack from moving laterally throughout the network. By deploying ZoneZero™ MFA in the network, it is now possible to ensure that any request from any user or application to any internal application would invoke an MFA action, blocking hackers or third-party attacks from moving around the network. Our solution allows customers to easily integrate MFA and identity awareness into all access scenarios – remote and internal users, VPNs, web, and non-web applications.

“SolarWinds is used by thousands of companies, government agencies and NGOs. Although any breach to our customers’ systems remains confidential, we believe that using our ZoneZero™ MFA could successfully prevent the hackers from traversing from the infected SolarWinds solution to other resources in the network, thus cutting the main attack vector. Stopping the infiltration of a cyber-attack ensures that our customers are protected against the most dangerous part of the attack and are well positioned to survive future supply chain incidents. We encourage organizations who rely on traditional security measures to consider our solution to protect their network. Although this has been one of the widest security attacks in history, we know it will not be the last,” concluded Mr. Daniel.

To learn more about ZoneZero™ MFA and the SolarWinds attack, please read our blog post here.

About Safe-T

Safe-T Group Ltd. (Nasdaq, TASE: SFET) is a provider of access solutions which mitigate attacks on enterprises’ business-critical services and sensitive data, while ensuring uninterrupted business continuity. Safe-T’s cloud and on-premises solutions ensure that an organization’s access use cases, whether into the organization or from the organization out to the internet, are secured according to the “validate first, access later” philosophy of zero trust. This means that no one is trusted by default from inside or outside the network, and verification is required from everyone trying to gain access to resources on the network or in the cloud.

Safe-T’s wide range of access solutions reduce organizations’ attack surface and improve their ability to defend against modern cyberthreats. As an additional layer of security, our integrated business-grade global proxy solution cloud service enables smooth and efficient traffic flow, interruption-free service, unlimited concurrent connections, instant scaling, and simple integration with our services. With Safe-T’s patented reverse-access technology and proprietary routing technology, organizations of all types and sizes can secure their data, services, and networks against internal and external threats. At Safe-T, we empower enterprises to safely migrate to the cloud and enable digital transformation.

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