Law Firms

In the legal industry, a fortified data-security suite
can be a powerful differentiator

Many law firms view data-security as an afterthought or an overhead expense to be minimized. Furthermore, lawyers are often averse to the inconveniences of security measures, like PGP secure Email, which often interrupt workflow and stifle productivity.

Still, in the legal industry, a fortified data-security suite can be a powerful differentiator and a competitive advantage.

Law Firms are entrusted to handle an enormous amount of sensitive information, ranging from enterprise financials to contracts and intellectual property, as well as previous and current legal cases. In a treacherous environment of competition and cyber-crime, data vulnerability is a viable threat.

Thus, it is absolutely imperative that law firms take the necessary steps to ensure that all client data is stored appropriately, while also having the capability to access and exchange it securely as needed.

Security goals of law firms:

  • Enhanced support for clients, partners and agencies: Maintaining a secured data exchange between law firms, their personnel, clients, as well as collaborative agencies, is of utmost importance as it is of high confidentiality and sensitivity.
  • Data rooms for clients: Many law firms perform due diligence for companies or create prospectuses for companies. These require uploading sensitive data to the law firms’ data room or digital data vault.
  • High security for all data: All data exchanged or accessed such as enterprise financials, contracts, intellectual property, strategic memos and documentation, and other clients’ legal information must be secured appropriately to avoid inappropriate access.
  • Regulatory compliance: Maintaining all documentation and security protocols that follow regulatory compliance is a requirement, as well as a duty, to the law firms’ clients.
  • Ongoing monitoring of all data exchange: All legal documentation exchanged and accessed is continuously monitored to ensure it is secure, as well as to keep an eye on who is accessing and sharing such sensitive data, thus avoiding improper data use.
It is our law firm’s duty to keep all documents and legal data secured, for it is our responsibility to the client and is the process of ethical and good service.

Law firms gained advantages with Safe-T

  • All law firms’ clients and collaborators are supported and secured.
  • Ensures that all clients’ data is not leaked or exposed.
  • Decreased in-house development and operational costs with Safe-T, by covering all access points and data applications.
  • All documentation owned, accessed and exchanged is secured end-to-end with a 256-bit level encryption.
  • Intuitive security solution makes it easy for all involved to utilize day-to-day, without the need to avoid their daily operations.

How Safe-T solutions help law firms:

  • Secured legal document upload:

    All records, contracts, financials and other legal data are scanned and secured upon upload.

  • Secured data exchange with partners and customers:

    Safe-T’s secure email, ad hoc email and digital data vaults grant high security for all data exchanged with partners, customers, law firms and additional required parties.

  • Ensure sensitive data is not leaked

  • Secured monitoring for all data access:

    All documents accessed are tracked and monitored so as to keep an eye on who viewed, shared and edited any information, enabling knowledge about whether any out-of-the-ordinary activity has been done.

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