Maintain necessary data exchange and access,
with state of the art security in place

Insurance companies conduct business that requires high amounts of various documentation such as policies, client details, claims, research and more. With these kinds of documentation, confidentiality is crucial to the ongoing activities and good faith. Thus, maintaining top security for all information — yet having appropriate data exchange and access — is crucial to keeping aligned with regulations, data security and company objectives.

There is a tremendous amount of data that is generated by insurance companies, consisting of various documentation (such as insurance policies, annuities, claims, rates, clients’ medical records, further examinations and much more). As this information is incredibly sensitive and includes highly personal and corporate information, it must be of the greatest concern that it remains secure, yet still be accessible for ongoing business activities.

Unfortunately, day-to-day tools do not provide the appropriate security measures and are prone to easy security breaches, making all such data highly vulnerable to be inappropriately exposed.

How Safe-T solutions help insurance companies:

  • Secured insurance document upload:

    All policies, reports, claims and more uploaded are automatically scanned, ensuring protection is an automatic process with every new file.

  • Agent/application and client correspondences are secured:

    Whether through a mobile application or by regular email, the ongoing communication is fully secured and does not require additional external software to be installed, individual keys to be distributed, nor a live internet connection.

  • Secured data exchange with insurance partners:

    Safe-T’s digital vaults provide both security and monitoring of all data exchanged by the various insurance partners.

  • Insurance applications accessibility is secured:

    No additional solutions are needed as to provide a secured access to the insurance applications, owing to the built-in solutions that are given by Safe-T RSAccess Application Access Proxy.

Insurance organizations security goals:

  • Improved client and partner support:

    Supporting a secured data exchange between clients; business partners; insurance agents; financial institutions; medical institutions and third-party providers enhances the services eco-system and its reach. Yet, it keeps such data from being accessed by inappropriate individuals and, thus, from being wrongly distributed.

  • Mobile and off-premises access:

    Whether a client, an agent, an insurance team or an underwriter, being able to access any of the available data securely, regardless of location, is a huge advantage for speed, information, and top-of-the-line service.

  • Compliant to regulations:

    Knowing that regulations such as HIPAA, GLBA, SOX and more are being maintained allows insurance companies and teams to keep servicing the business and its customers at top level without worrying about inappropriate processes.

  • Data exchanged is constantly monitored:

    Ongoing monitoring of all insurance documentation being exchanged is set in place. With this, you may rest assured that all customer details, insurance claims and statistics, medical information and more, as well as the personnel accessing such information, are tracked continuously. All of this is to maintain the highest data protection.

Further benefits insurance companies gain with Safe-T:

  • All insurance clients and vendors are supported.
  • Reduced development and resource expenses as Safe-T’s solutions touch upon all data points and applications.
  • Extend security coverage so as to ascertain all documentation exchanged and data accessed is fully protected.
  • This easy-to-use solution is simple enough for all personnel to adapt to, thus does not result in changing day-to-day work behaviors.

High Secured Data Exchange and Data Access Solutions from Safe-T:

  • Insurance companies are secured by Safe-T’s secured data exchange broker platform for in-and-out data exchange.
  • Data access is secured into insurance applications, protecting data and preventing criminal application access with Safe-T RSAccess secure data access solution.

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