HIPAA Compliance


Protecting patient health information (PHI) is a top priority for healthcare providers, insurance companies, healthcare clearinghouses and information systems.

Title II of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act establishes a set of protocols for the handling of Protected Health Information. The threat of data breaches and lapses in confidentiality in Healthcare IT looms large, as do the regulatory burdens put in place to prevent them.

Safe-T’s solution was designed from the ground up with compliance as a top priority. Safe-T enables enterprises to achieve HIPAA by deploying  Secure Email, Secure File Sync & Share and Secured Managed File Transfer solutions.


  • Safe-T’s solution for secure data exchange was designed from the ground up with compliance as a top priority. It enables enterprises to achieve HIPAA by deploying Secure Email, Secure File Sync & Share, and Secured Managed File Transfer solutions
  • Safe-T has a HIPAA compliant secure data exchange solution that is engineered to execute HIPAA’s Privacy and Security rules. With 256-bit level encryption, Safe-T ensures that protected health information is transferred securely between covered entities
  • Tools such as one-time passwords, download limits, expiration dates, access restrictions and secured links provide the strongest level of compliance to ensure that patient data is stored and transported in a private and secure manner
  • Safe-T’s security policy enforcement engine is a key component for executing a HIPAA compliance strategy. Compliance officers and network administrators can use the policy enforcement engine to create centralized rules that ensure sensitive patient data is only being transferred to certified users and that the data is in accordance with the Transaction/Code Sets as well as the Unique Identifier rules
  • Safe-T’s security policy enforcement engine is also the ideal solution to bring the disparate software architectures under a single protocol. Information Security and Compliance officers can set internal controls and workflow standards through the platform to ensure that the data and documents moving internally and externally comply with all HIPAA standards
  • An integral part of any HIPAA strategy is a secure perimeter that prevents hackers from breaching PHI records
  • Safe-T’s RSAccess Secure Front-End solution uses a unidirectional application-aware data diode approach to provide an unprecedented level of network protection. Safe-T’s technology can be employed to eliminate the need to maintain open firewall ports in order to grant access to PHI-storing servers in the internal network
  • By closing virtually all inbound ports, enterprises and health organizations that employ the RSAccess solution enjoy a level of protection that is unlike any other solution on the market
  • With Safe-T, Compliance Officers and Network Administrators have a single integrated and streamlined platform that has been constructed with the goal of providing impenetrable security, all the while meeting and exceeding HIPAA compliance standards.