Ensure government agency productivity
with the highest security standards

Government agencies aspire to: Improve operational efficiency; provide mobile access to allow for increased productivity from all locations; as well as to enhance communication with constituents, citizens, other government agencies, etc. Yet, at the same time, they must maintain high security for all data.

In order to increase government agency productivity by employees, office operations and constituents’ communication, there must be an ability to exchange data securely while also allowing access for government personnel and constituents, no matter where they are.

With such access, responsiveness to constituents, as well as all operations, may increase. All the while ensuring that all information exchanged is protected, monitored and accessed securely by approved personnel.

By continuing business as usual by regular email and tools such as S/FTP, data exchanged is not secure and may be easily accessed and distributed. This can majorly harm the governmental office, employees, constituents and more.

How Safe-T solutions help governmental agencies:

  • Secured government document upload:

    All files, details, imagery, plans and more that are uploaded are scanned automatically, thus making data protection an automatic process with every new file.

  • Secured government agent/application and constituent correspondences:

    Government communication through an app, email or specific document are protected even when no online connection is in place, and users aren’t required for additional external installation or key exchanges.

  • Secured data exchange with government partners:

    Constant monitoring of all data exchanges with partners, thanks to Safe-T’s digital vaults.

  • Governmental applications accessibility is secured:

    Access to governmental applications is fully secured, thanks to Safe-T’s built-in solutions: RSAccess Application Access Proxy.

Benefits gained by government agencies with Safe-T:

  • Supports collaborators, constituents, citizens and employees.
  • Decrease operational and development costs as Safe-T covers all data access and exchange parameters.
  • All governmental files and documentation being uploaded are protected and monitored.
  • A broad and simple-to-use security solution allows those with access to begin utilization from day one, without changing regular day-to-day habits.

High Secured Data Exchange and Data Access Solutions from Safe-T:

  • Government agencies are secured by Safe-T’s secured data exchange broker platform for in-and-out data exchange.
  • Data access is secured into government applications, protecting data and preventing criminal application access with Safe-T RSAccess secure data access solution.

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