GLBA Compliance

The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act COMPLIANCE

The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) includes provisions to ensure that financial institutions protect consumer financial data and non-public corporate information.

In today’s environment of cybersecurity threats and regulatory burdens, GLBA compliance and information security are critically important to the operation of any Financial Institution. Information Security and Compliance officers face a diverse set of challenges, from securing the integrity of sensitive data to establishing internal controls and passing external audits.

The goal of the GLBA frameworks is to ensure that Financial Institutions take adequate measures to protect the sensitive consumer financial data that is being transferred, stored and protected.


  • Safe-T has a GLBA compliant, industry-leading secure data exchange broker solution that can be integrated elegantly into any organization’s eco-system. This allows for the ability to manage, secure, and broker any data exchange flow, into and out of the organization. With 256-bit level encryption, Safe-T ensures that protected information is transferred securely between internal and external users
  • Tools such as one-time passwords, download limits, expiration dates, access restrictions and secured links provide the strongest level of GLBA compliance to ensure that data is stored and transported in a private and secure manner
  • Financial Institutions use a variety of legacy software solutions, each with their own point security protocols. A diverse information infrastructure can quickly become difficult to manage and can lead to regulatory/compliance confusion. Safe-T is a key component for any sound compliance strategy and is the ideal solution for bringing the disparate software architectures under a single protocol
  • Information Security and Compliance officers can set internal controls and workflow standards through Safe-T’s policy enforcement engine to ensure that the data and documents moving internally and externally comply with GLBA regulatory standards
  • An integral part of any GLBA strategy is a secure perimeter that prevents hackers from breaching the internal network. Safe-T’s RSAccess Secure Front-End solution uses a unidirectional application-aware data diode approach to provide an unprecedented level of network protection. Safe-T RSAccess can be employed to eliminate the need for servers in the DMZ zone and shore up any existing DMZ solutions that the enterprise may use
  • By closing virtually all inbound ports, enterprises that employ the RSAccess solution enjoy a level of protection that is unlike any other solution on the market
  • GLBA protocols call for the use of an anti-virus system to detect and repel incoming malware. Safe-T can integrate with the organization’s anti-virus and scanning engines in order to integrate them into data exchange flows. Agencies are no longer tied to the signature detection and zero-day capabilities of a single vendor. Instead, they enjoy the full protection of a multitude of organizations that are dedicated to detecting and removing malicious code.