Safe-T Offers Organizations a Free Security Review of Their Networks and Attack Footprint
This past year 2020, there was a global explosion of costly cyber breaches. Some were very sophisticated and were carried out by state actors, and others exploited the COVID-19 epidemic that caused a soaring increase in the number of work-from-home (WFH) employees and contractors.

The remote workforces often connected to their organization’s inner corporate network using outdated vulnerable technologies that became a favorite attack vector of hackers. Corporate VPNs were often attacked.

Each security breach costs organizations millions of dollars. Data breaches in 2020 were expensive to fix because each security incident disrupted normal business activities, often violated governmental security and privacy statutes that included monetary penalties, and they inflicted harm to the organization’s reputation if they involved ransomware and data leakage.

Safe-T’s Free Security Review Offer For Organizations

To help counter the explosion of cyber attacks, in 2021 Safe-T offers a Free Review of Organizations’ Networks and Attack Footprint. This no-cost plan is applicable to eligible organizations as defined by the Safe-T Security Team. Contact Safe-T for an evaluation of the applicability of the free review to your organization.

As you can see from the chart, Safe-T has outlined four different types of attacks:

Ransomware Attack

Data Breach

Credential Theft

VPN Attack

While all four attack types are different in nature, they have a common goal which is to illegally access your network, services, and files and to create havoc. The attack can start from the outside or from an insider, but they all include an “access vector”.
SeptemberOctoberDecemberJanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugustNovemberVPN AttackData BreachCredential TheftRansomware Attack2020 Cyber Attacks SummaryZero Trust, The Right Way.
Could such attacks have been prevented and blocked completely? Maybe, or maybe not, but doing nothing is not an option. Hardening your organization’s network against attacks is useful and cost-effective.

There are many variables to look at and try to secure – patching the VPN, replacing a VPN for one without vulnerabilities (but who can guarantee this….), patching all 3rd party software, securing file storages, securing all systems against elevation of permissions, etc.

It is like the story about the small boy who stuck his finger in the dam; block one hole, and the water will find another hole to get through.

One of the major mitigation security initiatives that can help enterprises cope with such attacks is the ZTNA – Zero Trust Network Access. Achieving zero trust requires improved and continuous user authentication.

While multifactor authentication (MFA) and identification providers have improved the authentication process, there are numerous integration and maintenance challenges they have not solved, including securing non web applications that are ordinarily not MFA compatible.

Safe-T’s Free Security Review
Network and application security are critical to any organization. Safe-T has security professionals who can evaluate your organization’s security procedures and technologies and show you potential, dangerous vulnerabilities.

Safe-T personnel can help you determine if Safe-T’s solutions can enhance your organization’s ability to protect its vital resources using its innovative network and application access solutions.

If you would like to take the first step in Safe-T’s no-cost security review process, please fill in the form below. Safe-T security professionals will study the infrastructure of your IT organization and start to develop for your organization a plan to enhance your IT security.

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