Forrester Tech Tide Report Includes Safe-T‘s Zero-Trust Network Access Solution

Nov 17, 2020

Forrester has recently released their much anticipated Q3 2020 Tech Tide™: Zero Trust Threat Prevention Report. This year’s report included Safe-T’s ZoneZero™ Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution.

What Is A ZTNA Solution?

Until fairly recently, most companies were satisfied simply by securing their data at the perimeter, but with more and more businesses moving their data to the cloud, such basic protection just isn’t enough. Once a threat has successfully breached your basic security at the perimeter, hackers can access any of your internal systems.

The highly connected nature of a cloud ecosystem makes a traditional approach to data security outdated and unhelpful. Particularly, access in the cloud provides potential threat actors a chance to access your sensitive data, leading most companies to adopt the Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution. This approach treats anything attempting to access your data as a potential threat and does not allow it access until it has passed the verification process.

What Sets the ZoneZero™ Solution Apart?

With the popularity of ZTNAs skyrocketing, what made Forrester choose to include the ZoneZero™ solution in their report?

This is what we think:

ZoneZero™ is the first perimeter access orchestration platform ever made, and it incorporates a wide range of modules, including: 

Using Safe-T’s reverse-access patent, the system is capable of logical micro-segmentation

Implementation of the Safe-T classic software defined perimeter (SDP), a clientless ZTNA module

Designed to be compatible with leading VPNs, to which it can integrate to enhance the existing VPN infrastructure to ZTNA

Continuous authentication and upgrading 2FA to true MFA support

Allowing application access control for both external and internal users

Constant supervision, reporting, and enforcement of user/application activities

Other Benefits:

In addition to an impressive array of modules, ZoneZero™ also ensures seamless integration across all authentication structures and legacy infrastructure. It offers true zero trust that can support services like RDH5, SSH HTTP/S, legacy applications, and WebDAV to name a few, as well as provide security for both on-premise and cloud published services.

ZoneZero™ allows companies to provide zero trust access to partners, applications, remote employees, IOT devices, and a much wider range of users, to company data and resources independent of their location.

Providing straightforward deployment for both managed and unmanaged devices, Safe-T’s solution also contains a user behavior and analysis model which provides businesses with an unmatched deeper look into user traffic, giving them the opportunity to locate and manage bots or any other potentially harmful entity attempting to gain access prior to any damage being done.

We believe that all these benefits make it clear that Safe-T‘s inclusion in Forrester’s Q3 2020 Tech Tide™ simply validates the trust that organizations place in Safe-T’s ZTNA solution to handle and secure their most sensitive data.

In Conclusion

While most businesses are using ZTA solutions to protect their data, not every solution is created equal. Safe-T’s ZoneZero™ offers unique advantages that most other solutions don’t provide, from its ability to transform an existing VPN into a ZTNA, to its capabilities of integrating even with legacy infrastructure.

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