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Dealing with financial data breaches after the fact incurs major costs and other implications

Financial institutions typically realize their lack of data security after a breach has already occurred, ending up with heavy costs, huge consequences and loss of customers/loyalty, making recovery a challenge beyond growth.

Financial institutions are targets of security breaches as they hold and share sensitive and private data, such as financial statements, banking reports, customer investments and savings, and more within their ongoing business activities with partners, customers, ad hoc prospects, state or federal institutions, etc.

Unfortunately, currently tools do not appropriately secure data access, nor the exchange of such sensitive data. This places financial organizations and customer details at the utmost peril.

Financial and investment firms currently exchange data using email with ongoing customer correspondence and file transfer platforms, such as FTP, to share important documents. Both of these options may be popular, easy to use and are widely available, yet they are extremely prone to frequent breaches as they can be easily accessed, which places your customers’ data at risk.

Furthermore, increasing regulations demand stricter means to deal with such sensitive data, requiring appropriate solutions for highly secured data exchange.
Such security is a must for every financial and investment institution to avoid the high possibility of data breach.

The benefits of data security for financial organizations:

  • Supports all customer types: Ad hoc or registered.
  • Reduced development costs and resources: No need to develop security layers into financial applications (e.g. mobile).
  • End-to-end governance: All shared documentation is constantly monitored using a built-in workflow engine.
  • Regulatory compliant: HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FISMA and GLBA.
  • Add security layers easily and quickly: Existing file transfer and upload processes may be expanded, leveraging existing security infrastructure.
  • Keep working regularly: Employees may work normally, not requiring to change daily activities.
  • Ease of use: Simple end-user credential management and reduced operational cost and complexity.

Highly Secured Data Exchange and Data Access Solutions from Safe-T:

  • The financial organization is secured by Safe-T’s secured data exchange broker platform for in-and-out data exchange.
  • Data access is secured into financial applications, protecting data and preventing criminal application access with Safe-T RSAccess secure data access solution.

How Safe-T solutions help financial organizations:

  • Secured file upload:

    Document upload service, ensuring transparent scanning of all financial, investment or banking files uploaded into the portal, prior to its back-end systems. This also simplifies the customer process without risking the security.

  • Secured banker/application to customer communication:

    Our secure email solution allows banks and its applications to communicate with customers without requiring software installation or exchange of keys. In addition, customers’ replies are secured without requiring the banker’s computer to be connected to the internet.

  • Secured data exchange with business partners:

    Our digital data vaults allow finance corporations a secured end-to-end mean to exchange data with business partners also monitoring all exchanged data.

  • Secured partner access to financial applications:

    Investment houses may deploy a simple and secure solution for partner access to financial applications, removing the need to deploy VPN solutions, reverse-proxy solutions, etc. using Safe-T RSAccess Application Access Proxy.

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