Safe-T Secure File Sync And Share

Based on the Safe-T Box Secure Data Exchange Broker, Safe-T Secure File Sync and Share (FSS) is a robust and secure enterprise file and data collaboration solution, enabling business users to securely share data with business functions, business users, and business partners across the globe, and easily access their data from any device without the need for a VPN.


Safe-T Secure File Sync and Share Benefits

  • Provide end-to-end governance of shared sensitive data
  • Strengthen control of the organization’s shared sensitive data
  • Secure, control, and monitor shared data in motion and in rest
  • Ensure high adoption of secure data sharing solutions through a simple and natural interface
  • Anywhere, anytime access for shared data with no need of VPN
  • Convert any storage type to a digital data vault
  • Enterprise dropbox alternative
Plasan a leading manufacturer of customized, lightweight survivability solutions, connects Safe-T Box to their storage system, retrieving design files, encrypting them and then sharing them with its industrial suppliers utilizing Safe-T’s secure file sync and share solution.

End-to-End Security

Safe-T Box is comprised of multiple secure folders (acting as digital data vaults), which can be associated to a specific user, or group of users. All users’ data, uploaded or received is stored in a secure folder (digital data vault), which can be either local folder, network folders (e.g. FTP, SFTP), data bases (e.g. SQL, Oracle) applications (e.g. SharePoint), cloud storage (OneDrive, DropBox, Box, etc), or cloud service (Office 365, SharePoint online). Communication between the folders is done using standard secured protocols ensuring end-to-end security without requiring proprietary protocols.

Safe-T Box utilizes powerful 256-bit file-level encryption, which encrypts each file uploaded and transmitted between folders, ensuring sensitive data cannot be intercepted when shared with remote business partners.

Safe-T Box does not require a client to be installed by external users. All files shared with external users are downloaded from a web portal or through secure links sent via secure email.

Enterprise-wide Data Flow Management

Safe-T Box maintains comprehensive records of your organization’s file transfer and sharing activities. Comprehensive download tracking information is also available, with logs that record the date, time, and IP address of each instance of file access, upload and download.

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Automated Security Policy Enforcement

By integrating with the organization’s security solutions, Safe-T Box automatically enforces security policies on shared data. Outgoing data is authenticated, scanned with the organization’s Data Leak Prevention (DLP) solution and encrypted to ensure only approved data is shared securely. Incoming data is decrypted, authenticated, and then scanned for viruses and malware using the organization’s scanning engines, before it is shared in the organization. Safe-T’s security policies enforcement engine allows enterprises to add security layers to file sync and share processes easily and quickly.

Unified, intuitive user interfaces

Access to the secure folders and digital data vaults and sharing of files with other users, is based on user credentials and can be done via a variety of client interfaces all providing the same unified look and feel:

  • As part of Safe-T’s simple and user-friendly Outlook plug-in
  • Web user interface
  • SmarTransfer desktop client offering a one of a kind natural look and feel
  • Safe-T mobile application for iOS and Android