Educational institutions require just as high a security coverage for all their various data as any corporation or business. All the student information, educators and staff files, records, research, examinations and tests are highly sensitive, and are even growing further with digital data being constantly created.
It is imperative to keep all this educational data completely protected, while at the same time allowing appropriate access and data exchange with different locations domestically and internationally, other educational institutions, as well as internal and external individuals on a per case basis.

Educational academies, universities, research facilities, systems and establishments keep growing in terms of the information they require and generate. Be it the newly joined or graduating students, the occasional change of staff and expanding faculty, the educational curriculum, as well as the wider range of creativity and tools available today. Yet unfortunately, all such data is easily prone to security breaches and safety mishaps, placing such information at risk of being wrongly accessed and distributed.


Educational systems security objectives:

  • Secured mobile access:

Educational data may be reached either on or off-premises, allowing individuals in any location appropriate and highly secured access to much needed information.

  • FERPA secured data exchange:

Protecting the students’ personal information is a high priority for educational systems, as is also a high requirement per the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). For that, data must be highly secured, yet still enable maintenance of ongoing activities.

  • Secured monitoring of all files shared and accessed:

As so much educational data is created and exchanged every day, it is highly important to be aware of who and what is being accessed and shared. Having all such information continuously monitored grants and additional line of defense, keeping track of all data at all times.  

  • Team and location collaborations:

Teachers, academies, and other locations must have the capability to collaborate for every-day activities, meetings as well as future planning. Maintaining that all data being exchanged is also secure allows for the ongoing activities to continue regularly and safely.

Additional advantages educational institutions receive with Safe-T:

  • All educational personnel and collaborators are supported.
  • Decreased development costs and resource expenses given Safe-T’s solutions grant a complete net for all data, systems and applications.  
  • Allow for growing protection, making sure that as data grows, so does the security coverage.
  • A simple and intuitive security solution, allowing all users to quickly utilize every day without halting everyday activities.  

High-risk Data Security (HDS) Solution from Safe-T:

  • Educational systems are secured by the Safe-T Secured Data Exchange (SDE) broker for in-and-out data exchange.
  • Data access is secured into educational applications, protecting data and preventing criminal application access with Safe-T Secure Data Access (SDA) solution.


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