Cloud Storage Access


Enterprise-Grade Security for Cloud Storage


Integrate Cloud Storage
with on-premises security solutions.

On-premises Encryption
Utilize on-premises encryption keys with cloud storage.

Cloud Storage
Convert cloud storage into digital vaults.

Consumer and business cloud storage solutions such as OneDrive, DropBox,, Google Drive, etc, are growing rapidly. The simplicity of cloud solutions, their flexibility, the cost reduction they offer and the vast amounts of storage make them a perfect solution for both consumer and business usage.

This has transitioned into a situation where more and more businesses and business users are switching from complicated, storage-limited file sync and share solutions (such as email, S/FTP and shared folders) to using cloud storage accounts.


  • Utilizes cloud storage solutions as secure and low-cost organizational storage.
  • Prevent file exfiltration, leakage, and malware.
  • Control usage of files.
  • End-to-end monitoring of file access flow.
  • Encrypt files in the cloud using organization keys.
  • Scan uploaded and downloaded files using security solutions.

What’s the consequence? Users may use the organization’s cloud storage to share un-sanctioned company related information with a customer or business partner, sensitive data may be exposed, or might remain on the cloud forever without any control or monitoring.

Hackers are aware of this and know that the cloud can contain important data. That’s when they get to work and the cloud becomes a high priority target for them to breach. They will do whatever it takes to access this information.

Safe-T’s Secure Cloud Storage Access

Safe-T® Software-Defined Access provides businesses and business users the ability to utilize consumer/business cloud storage solutions while maintaining full visibility, governance and control of all data uploaded and downloaded from the cloud.

Built on Safe-T’s Integrated Data Security Platform, Safe-T allows ensuring access to any cloud storage from any device (mobile, desktop, etc) is compliant with organization regulation and policies.

Using Safe-T enterprise IT can now automatically control data and files that are uploaded and downloaded to and from the cloud, verifying corporate security policies are strictly executed.

Safe-T enables business users to access all their cloud storage solutions in order to upload/download files to and from the cloud, while transparently passing each and every file through the proper security solution (e.g. Anti-Malware, DLP, SandBox, etc).

Software Defined Access CAPABILITIES
for Secure Cloud Storage Access

  • Integration with leading cloud storage solutions – One Drive, Google Drive, Box, DropBox, etc.
  • Controls, manages and transfers files and data from any source to the cloud.
  • Stores all files secured and encrypted using organization keys.
  • SecureStreamTM policy and workflow engine.
  • Dozens of pre-built Safe-T Connectors to business applications, security solutions, data repositories and cloud services.
  • Full access control and policy enforcement on any file stored or manipulated.
  • Full auditing of all “where, what, who and when” file access and exchange.
  • Highly intuitive and simple end-user interfaces.

Keep Your Sensitive Data in