Safe-T RSAccess provides a method for enterprises to convert their complex DMZ operation to a self and light DMZ layer hosted in the cloud, while increasing network and application security.

By deploying RSAccess in a hybrid cloud and on premise deployment, organizations can benefit from a Cloud DMZ solution which can completely replace their local enterprise DMZ with a cloud based DMZ.

Using this architecture, all the organization’s services are published from the cloud using an external RSAccess node located within the cloud and an internal RSAccess which is located on premise.

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The benefits of such a hybrid cloud and on-premise deployment include:

  • Masking the true location of the organization’s data center – due to the fact that all inbound communication is pulled from the cloud instead of being pushed to the organization, users and hackers on the internet have no knowledge of the server’s true geographic location or even external IP address.
  • Pulling legitimate clean traffic only –  integrated with cloud application security tools, to scan data in the cloud, outside of the organization’s systems, assuring that only legitimate non-malicious traffic actually reaches the organization’s servers.
  • Reducing costs by eliminating servers and security appliances – the elimination of an entire network segment from the local data center architecture reduces the cost of maintenance, appliances, servers and licenses. The functionality of the eliminated systems is provided as a service outside of the organizational perimeter.

Furthermore, the Cloud DMZ solution provides the ability to build a secure cloud infrastructure with a multi-layered cloud application security architecture. While you build your database and application servers on any IaaS solution, RSAccess can act as the secure front-end acting as a listener and a security layer for any kind of application or protocol.

The RSAccess Cloud DMZ, can also be offered by cloud application security, and hosting providers, and service providers, who wish to offer a unique DMZ-as-a-Service offering. Thus allowing enterprises to migrate their DMZ layer to the cloud provider’s cloud, without requiring any incoming firewall rules from the cloud to the enterprise network.

Safe-T RSAccess is a flexible and robust technology allowing both enterprises to deploy RSAccess for their own cloud use as well as cloud and service providers as part of their exiting cloud service.



    • Hybrid Cloud and on premise deployment
    • No incoming ports in external data center firewall
    • Front-end all enterprise public facing applications from cloud
    • Full redundancy by utilizing multiple cloud locations
    • Integration with leading security solutions


  • Unique DMZ-as-a-Service offering for cloud and service providers
  • Mask the true location of the organization’s data center
  • Pull only legitimate and clean traffic into data center
  • Improve data center security by reducing organization’s attack surface
  • Reduce costs by eliminating servers and security appliances
  • No direct access to the enterprise from the Internet
  • Simplify enterprise firewall and VPN management