Safe-T Cloud Access Security Broker

Safe-T Box’s Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution, provides enterprise business users the ability to utilize consumer cloud storage and cloud SaaS solutions while maintaining full visibility, governance, and control of all data uploaded and downloaded from the cloud. Using  Safe-T’s Cloud Access Security Broker solution, enterprise IT can now automatically control data and files that are uploaded and downloaded to and from the cloud.


Safe-T Cloud Access Security Broker Benefits

    • Empower organizations to offer new cloud services to customers
    • Increase employee satisfaction by enabling the use of consumer cloud storage solutions
    • Secure, govern, and monitor all data exchanged with the cloud
    • Prevent leakage of sensitive data into consumer cloud storage solutions
    • Ensure compliance with a variety of regulations including

Key Features

  • Integration with leading consumer cloud storage and SaaS solutions
  • Automated Security Policy Enforcement on all cloud exchanged traffic
  • Files are encrypted and require a password to access
  • Full auditing and tracking of all cloud file transfer activities
  • Simple and easy user interface

Diverse Deployment Options

The Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution can be deployed on premise or in the cloud, allowing both regulated and non-regulated organizations to benefit from the most secure cloud access solution.
As a quick to deploy, on premise solution, Safe-T Box ensures zero leakage of sensitive data as data governance is fully managed within the organization.
As a cloud solution, Safe-T Box allows organization to benefit from all the enterprise grade capabilities while utilize the power of cloud computing.

Unmatched Cloud Integration

Safe-T Box offers unmatched integration to the cloud, allowing organizations to connect to leading consumer cloud storage and cloud SaaS solutions such as Salesforce, DropBox,, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Microsoft Azure. The user-experience is extremely natural when exchanging data with cloud solutions, including securely uploading and downloading, viewing, copying, deleting, moving, and even switching data between different cloud providers is as easy as “drag & drop”.

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End-to-End Cloud Security

Safe-T’s end-to-end approach to cloud security, is achieved through the use of secured protocols to protect files in transit to and from the cloud solutions. In addition, powerful 256-bit file-level encryption secures each file uploaded to the cloud and prohibits access, opening, or usage of files by un-authorized users.

Automated Security Policy Enforcement

By integrating with the organization’s security solutions, Safe-T Box automatically enforces security policies on data exchanged with cloud solutions and the Internet in general. Data uploaded to the cloud is scanned with the organization’s Data Leak Prevention (DLP) solution of choice (either on-prem or cloud based) and encrypted to ensure only approved data is shared securely.
Data downloaded from the cloud is decrypted, and then scanned for viruses and malware using the organization’s scanning engines, before it is shared in the organization. Safe-T’s Security Policies Enforcement Engine allows the enterprise to add security layers to cloud exchanged data easily and quickly.

Fully Managed and Governed

Safe-T Cloud Access Broker solution allows enterprise IT to easily maintain comprehensive records of all file transfer activities. The solution documents key “where, what, who, and when”, tracking data for each uploaded and downloaded file. Complete tracking information is available, with logs that record the date, time, and IP address of each file access and transfer.

Intuitive End-User UI

Safe-T Cloud Access Security Broker solution enables business users to access all of their storage and cloud solutions through their existing interfaces in order to upload / download files to and from the cloud:

  • From within Outlook using a simple and user-friendly plug-in
  • Via a browser using Safe-T’s simple web user interface
  • Via a native mobile client
  • From the desktop using Safe-T’s Smart Transfer client
  • Intuitive End-User UI – Via a native mobile client for iOS and Android