Application Data Exchange

Simple, Secure, and Agile Application Data Exchange

Safe-T Secure Data Exchange (SDE), enables organizations to secure existing application data exchange flows, while simplifying the creation of new application data exchange flows.


The world today is becoming more digital and connected with every passing moment. This means organizations are exposing an increasing amount of applications, data stores and APIs to other organizations, business partners, and customers in order to exchange data.

The problem starts when the need to secure and control each data exchange flow, conflicts with the need to be agile when integrating with partners or launching a new data exchange service.


Safe-T SDE allows for substantially reducing the leakage and theft of sensitive and confidential data, while offering business users a secure and simple method of data and file exchange.


With SDE, employees (local and remote) can now easily and securely exchange data of any type and size with other employees, registered and ad-hoc customers, business partners, cloud solutions, etc. With Safe-T Secure Data Exchange,the organization does not need to change any of its day-to-day activities in order to become more safe and secured—this is seamlessly done by Safe-T SDE.

Safe-T SDE provides the following application data exchange scenarios:

Business to Business Data Exchange

Safe-T SDE enables organizations to create a secure data transfer network where they can easily and securely transfer files of any type or size to and from their company headquarters, remote branches, and business partners. The solution’s low TCO (total cost of ownership) enables both small and large organizations to exchange data securely and efficiently, via fully automated workflows.

Safe-T’s SDE utilizes its built-in SecureStream automation workflow and policy enforcement engine to fully automate the secure data transfers between organizations.  For example, files placed within a folder in one location can be automatically transferred to a remote location.  In addition, all data transferred is scanned using the organization’s DLP and anti-virus engines.

Application to Application Data Exchange

Safe-T SDE enables data to be transferred between business applications within a single organization or between organizations.

Utilizing any of the dozens of Safe-T Connectors, applications can easily transfer data to other applications without changing the applications mode of operations and without changing the applications’ code, for example –

  • checking in /out data to / from folders (secure virtual vaults) across the network
  • utilizing an application’s API to transfer files to SDE to be passed to other applications
  • utilizing an application’s API to instruct SDE to pass a specific file to another application

Safe-T SDE supports connectors to enterprise applications, storage, and security tools such as document management applications, ERP applications, data integration applications, HTTP/S based applications, S/FTP, SQL, NFS, DLP, A/V, cloud storages, and many more.

Application-based File Upload

Safe-T SDE can be seamlessly integrated into any human-based file upload flow deployed within the organization, including connecting to file upload portals, backend applications, anti-malware solutions, etc.

Safe-T SDE simplifies development and deployment of secure file upload services for ad-hoc and registered constituents, easily allowing the addition of workflows and security layers to any inbound data exchange flow.

Safe-T SDE is the only solution in the market that enables organizations to eliminate the need for storing any user uploaded data in the DMZ prior to processing. By deploying Safe-T SDE organizations can deploy unique scrubbing zones for incoming data, ensuring files are scanned prior to reaching the internal network.


Safe-T Secure Data Exchange Brochure 

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Safe-T Secure Data Exchange Brochure 

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