Safe-T™ Box


Secure Data Exchange Broker

Safe-T Box enables organizations to control
and secure data exchange of any type and size
between people, applications, cloud solutions, and businesses.

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Safe-T Box offers multiple innovative
solutions to securely transfer shared data.

Secure Cloud Access Broker

Utilize cloud storage and services while maintaining full visibility, governance, and control of all data uploaded and downloaded from the cloud.
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Secure File Sync And Share

Secure enterprise collaboration solutions, enabling users to safely share files from any device (desktop, mobile, web)
and from any location.
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Secure Managed File Transfer

Securely transfer sensitive files into and
outside the organization with a secure,
user-friendly file upload
and FTP replacement solution.
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Secure Data Exchange Network

Transfer any file type and size securely to remote branches, business partners, and customers with an intuitive
user-friendly interface.
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Secure Email

Send encrypted emails of any size and type to registered or ad-hoc recipients, providing a simple, easy to use, fully auditable alternative to PGP.
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